Sunday, January 1, 2012

Word of the Year

I'm taking a class over at Big Picture. It's a great scrap/craft/life lesson website. You can find them at I've taken lots of classes there and have enjoyed every one of them.
This year I'm taking a year long class taught by the talented Ali Edwards. She's a big wig in the scrappin' world. The class is called, "One Little Word". The idea is you choose a word that you'll focus on for the entire year. Sounds pretty interesting. For a word lover like seemed like trying to pick your favorite child or something!
However, the word I'm going to use presented itself to me in August. It has been banging around in my head since then trying to figure out how to get me to notice it. So, this is the chance it needed.
The word I picked is, "Share". I love that it's a verb. I love that it has a bunch of different meanings. Our first assignment was to design a cover for a scrapbook that we'll fill up all year long. That's my cover at the top of this post.
Our next assignment is to begin to define what the word means. I'd already been thinking about that. I'm sure the word will come to mean more to me throughout the year though. For now, I've said that "share" means sharing who I am with my family, sharing what I know with others, as well as sharing what I have.
I spent the last hour of 2011 doing just that with my daughter and her friend and her friend's mom. While the boys watched Star Wars Episode Somethingorother...we retreated to the craft room and made cards!!
This morning before getting out of bed my darling hubby and I shared our wishes for eachother and our family in prayer.
Can't beat a start like that!

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