Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Presidio National Cemetery San Francisco, California

John G. Lindgren of New York died on April 21, 1940. He was a Private, First Class in the 11th Infantry. I can't find out much about John other than the fact that he may have been a firefighter in New York at some point. The 11th Infantry was in the Civil War, a unit comprised of New York City firemen. Lindgren is my maiden name. We did not find anyone with my married name.

We found his gravestone on a recent trip to the Presidio in San Francisco. You can search the burial sites by last name which tells you the grave marker number as well as the location of the stone.

I chose this picture as my first picture of myself for the new year to use in my One Little Word class. We were assigned to take a picture of ourselves as a sort of time marker. I picked this picture because it was one of the first family outings we did for the new year.

But I also picked it because of the significance of the grave. I am using this picture to help remind me that I am choosing to bury the past, especially the junky stuff.

This year I am choosing to share myself more with my God, my family and my friends. This means that I am burying my old habit of keeping things to myself. Mind you, I'm not going to become a person who spews whatever I want whenever I want to. But, I am going to choose to be more actively open to others. I'm sure I'll learn more about that as I journey through this year of sharing.

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