Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crafting with Friends and a wreath

 Ducky "hello" card
 Meeow is cat talk for "thank you so much"
 A tin in which to save your pennies for a rainy day!
 A can for pencils adorned with embellished clothes pins.
Christine and I had so much fun with new friends yesterday. We made three cards and a pencil can. I made a box since I only had three cans! Same idea though, just use your favorite paper to cover the tin or can. The clothes pins are basic ones which we covered with paper and then embellished with more paper. We had lots and lots of fun.

This wreath is one I made a few months ago. I had gotten an old out-dated atlas at my local library's free-please-take-some-pile. I cut out the pages, rolled them up and assembled them into a wreath. When it was all together, I painted the edges with glue and then dipped that into glitter. The center of the wreath is another page of a map that I fan folded to make a sort of medallion. Yes, I painted the edges of it with glue too and then dipped into green glitter.
 It hangs in my bedroom now.