Monday, January 16, 2012

The definition of Share

Part of the Word of the Year, or One Little Word as it is called, is to define the word and follow more prompts from our teacher as we work on the word.

The definition of "Share" is
  • to participate in, take, possess, or undergo in common
  • to grant or be granted a share in
  • to experience, or enjoy with others
  • to divide or distribute in portions
How interesting it was to look in the dictionary for the definition of a word that I thought I was pretty familiar with. Of course the dictionary definition was way longer, but I picked out parts of the definition that spoke to what I wanted to learn this year. The things that talk about being in common with others stood out to me. I thought of corporate worship, of meals with family, of conversation with others.

Tomorrow I'll share the picture I'm using as my "self-portrait"...another part of our assignments.

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