Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kingdom Assignment Celebration Time

Two sure signs of Spring: rainbows and blooming pretty things! I always try to share some recent pictures when I blog, so I picked spring shots for today. The rainbow was viewed from our back yard about two weeks ago. I have no idea what the flowers are, but they bloom on a bush in my yard.

So much to update you on regarding my Kingdom Assignment! I'm giddy with excitement! I'm not sure where to begin.

This Saturday I'll be helping my friend Mary with her Kingdom Assignment. She is having a friend, who just happens to be a chef, teach a class on how to make marmalade. Mary is inviting friends to come and participate in the class, and then go home with a jar of marmalade. She'll ask for a donation for the class "fee" which will then go toward purchasing foreign language materials and curriculum for the San Francisco City Academy.

Then, next month; I'll team up with my friend Carla and do a joint project for our assignment. We are both passionate about a ministry called Just Moved Ministries. It is headed up by Susan Miller. Susan has a heart for those folks who have moved, uprooted from life they knew before coming to a new community. Susan has written two books about moving and developed a wonderful class called "Moving On After Moving In". I took that class, facilitated by my friend Carla, when we moved here. I can't tell you all the ways this blessed me as well as my family. Check out the website and too. I could go on and on about this class, but I'll save that for another day.

Right now I want to let you know how my Kingdom Assignment is going to work. Carla and I will be hosting a Girlfriends' Tea Party Fundraiser for Just Moved Ministries. We are inviting anyone in our area who has attended the MOAMI class; as well as all the girlfriends we can dig up to come and have a tea party with us the day before Mother's Day. We'll ask for support for Just Moved at the tea party. I'm going to have boxes of hand-made by me cards and journals for sale, all proceeds from those will go to Just Moved.

Carla is a good friend of Susan's. When we had all the details nailed down for our little tea party, Carla sent an email to Susan to let her know what we were doing and how excited we were about the whole thing. And, then God just surprised the socks right off Carla! Susan is going to come to our tea party! How cool is that!!?? You probably can't tell by this...but I'm really, really excited! Carla and I acted like we had won a new car or something equally cool when we found out that Susan is coming!!!

So, now I've really got to get busy and get cards and journals made.

It has been so much fun to trust God and see what would happen. Still more to come, I'm sure!

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Hi Kooky said...

Such great news! The Women's Ministry at our church did the "Moving" class last year. I know a couple of ladies who took it and really loved it. How cool that you're meeting/know the author!