Friday, April 9, 2010

Kingdom Assignment and how I got to the Tea Party

In Kansas City I had volunteered at Ronald McDonald House in their craft room. I helped to keep it as organized as possible, helped stock it with donated supplies; and to come to the house once or twice a month and do craft projects with who ever would be there and interested. The idea was to help with an activity that would take moms' and dads' minds off doctor appointments, therapies, and generally stressful stuff. It was one of the best experiences of my life! I have truly missed that since moving here.

So, I began to wonder if I could do something similar here. Nothing panned out...and then the Kingdom Assignments happened. I tried to make this same idea fit for the academy. At this point with the academy, it will not work.

When we first moved here I attended a class for newcomers, hosted by CPC and Carla at her home, called Moving on After Moving In. It was a Bible study developed by Susan Miller. I can't tell you how important this was to me. During a move, any move--across town, or across the world--emotions are raw and hearts are more inclined to the Lord than ever as folks seek direction in their new place. How wonderful it was to be reminded that God is in the move, that He is with me and never forsakes me. This is something that as a Christian I knew...but so much had happened in our lives before getting here, and on the way here, that I really needed to be reminded. The mission of Just Moved is:

Just Moved! strives to equip and encourage women who move through personal contact, Moving On After Moving In classes, newsletters, books, videos, seminars, conferences and prayer support. We are a non-denominational, outreach ministry that is committed to the spiritual growth and emotional well-being of women going through the transition and adjustment to a move.

No, it is not anywhere near the needs faced in the inner city. No, it is not a stretch, nor is it difficult for me to help to host a tea party. But, here is what I experienced in the class: Women who are hurting and need Christ are more open to seek Him during difficult periods of life. In the class I was a part of, one woman was grappling with her need for a savior, while another woman was experiencing for the first time love and care through the prayers of others. 25% of the population moves every year. That is a potential 25% people group that could be reached for Christ!

My gift mix includes teaching; and I love God's word. I am passionate about ways to help the Bible and a relationship with Jesus make sense in the lives of people. I believe through Just Moved, that's what I'm helping to do.

Our tea party is coming at a time when the ministry has been offered a matching gift opportunity. Carla is a good personal friend of Susan Miller. When Carla told her about our idea for a fund-raiser tea party, Susan was excited and found that her calendar would allow her to come! Susan speaks all over the world, teaches classes to military families, and to corporations: yesterday she was in Utah at In and Out Burger teaching to some corporate types who had just moved. Susan has written two books about moving and has spoken on the radio at Focus on the Family and Family Life Today many times.

What we are hoping to do at the tea party is reconnect some of the women who have been through the class, as well as connect Just Moved Ministries to a couple other churches in the area. Personally, I'm hoping that we can crank up the classes at CPC again this summer or fall. We are asking for donations of any amount that will go to Just Moved. I'm going to make boxes of cards and journals to be sold with all proceeds going to Just Moved. I'm pretty sure that after our tea party, I'll be more involved with Just Moved in some way. I have a heart for families who have been pulled up by their roots and are seeking, perhaps without knowing it, for the love of Christ.

Originally I thought that this assignment needed to be difficult, needed to be to start up some new ministry that had not existed before. However, through reading the parable of the talents again and through prayer, I have begun to see that the task put out with the Kingdom Assignment was to simply trust God with His finances, trusting that He'd lead the way to multiply the original 100.00 for the good of His Kingdom.

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Ann said...

Hi Sarah!
I love your blog about the impact of Susan Miller's book, the Moving On After Moving In class, and Just Moved Ministry. I work at Just Moved and I know that Susan is very excited to join all of you for your tea party! Thank you for organizing this fundraiser! May I quote some of this blog on our website? I will give credit to you and will provide a link to your blogspot as well as to your stampin up business.
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