Saturday, February 6, 2010

La Jolla with Vanessa

I spent a lovely hour in La Jolla with my friend Vanessa this past week. It was a quick stop on our whirlwind organization task at Vanessa's apartment. We had fun in spite of the pain of letting go of some things. Our jaunt to La Jolla was our little reward for a hard job well done. Then, I hopped back on the airplane and flew home.

It was an overcast day in La Jolla, so the beach was not as enticing to me as it might have been if it were warmer. However, the wild creatures I got to see were fabulous. As I look now at the pictures I took, I'm reminded that even when we live in a pile of troubles, there are still beautiful things all around us. The question is, will we be able to see that which is at hand, or will the momentary troubles take over and essentially drag us under with their powerful riptide?

What has been troubling you lately? Do you have a load of "stuff" that has taken hold of you? Maybe that "stuff" is really material "stuff", or maybe it is a situation you find yourself in at work, or in a relationship...something you know you need to shake free of, but find it impossible to begin that process. What would it take for you to see past this "stuff" to what is possible beyond it?

I don't have any answers for you because your situation is your own. Out there in the big world is something special waiting just for you. I know this because I know God is bigger than your problem. Will you trust Him with your "stuff"? Will you ask Him to take it off your hands for you? Then, will you really give it to Him and let it go?

If it is a relationship, you'll have to trust Him each day a little at a time. If it is a true pile of material "stuff", you might need to call in some assistance!

Blessings to you today!

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