Monday, August 29, 2011


This first hat's flowers are made from my favorite shirt that David finally retired. I figured making some flowers with the shirt would allow me to sort of keep the shirt around without having to complain that it was so worn out it should not be seen in public! I learned how to make these flowers from a book I checked out at the library.

The second hat has butterflies that I made using the BigShot Butterfly die. I had to stick the butterfly on the brim with sticky strip, I couldn't stitch it on the brim. The buckle is blingy, encircled with rhinestones. The hats are from Target. I bought a bunch of them on sale for 2.58!! Original price was 9.99. I'm going to try to sell these on etsy. I've got three more to make. I gave one away for a birthday gift yesterday.

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