Friday, October 15, 2010

What I've been up to...

I have been having such fun playing with the Stampin' Up Owl Punch! This card I made for our neighbor's birthday. The front of the card has the large woodgrain stamp from SU so that it looks like a tree the owls are peeking out of. I stuck a speech bubble on the front that says, "Whoo's birthday is it?" I focused my shot on the owls though, so you can't read the bubble!

I stamped the woodgrain stamp on a piece of brown card stock and cut it to be shaped like a tree so the owls would have somewhere to perch. Since the card was for a 12 year old's birthday, I used googly eyes on the owls.

The next creations were inspired by the coolest catering truck I saw on 680 South a few days ago. The truck was covered with a huge black and white graphic floral design, with a splotch of golden yellow. Made me go, "Oooo, I want to make a card with those colors!!" Here is what I came up with:
Then I made a little box using an old Altoid's Tin and a very HUGE button that I got from Nancy.
Last, but not least!! Me with my new haircut!

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