Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Treasures of the Earth also known as Mushrooms

It never ceases to amaze me the things that we find in our yard. I think it's all about having your eyes open and just being generally observant. Isn't this the strangest looking thing!? It's a mushroom! Lactarius is the variety of this Mushroom. I've never seen anything like this before. Surprisingly, to me, this mushroom has gills under the cap. This second picture makes me think of a character that Jim Henson might have come up with as a Muppet. Can't you see it? A sort of friendly, green monster with a wide mouth...or something like that. I came across this one yesterday morning.
I have never seen red mushrooms! Have you? I was pretty excited when we found these growing in our yard last night. They looked just like the mushrooms that I remember from stories like Hansel and Gretel or other woodsy-type fairytales. I found out that these are a variety of Russula. I had so much fun taking pictures of them last night. I actually took about 40 pictures! LOVE my camera.

These cuties were deep in the grass, I had to dig them out to be able to take any pictures of them that made sense. They sort of just looked like red new potatoes laying on my lawn! Thanks to Darvin, SOMA Science Advisor at the Sonoma County Mycological Association for helping me to identify these.
It was such fun to discover these mushrooms...it really was like finding little treasures of the earth!
What have you found in your yard!?


Hi Kooky said...

Oh my goodness, you found real live magical toadstools! What a treat. We've found all sorts of bugs lately.

Tracy said...

Very cool pictures! What kind of camera and lense do you use?

Sarah Fravel said...

Thanks Tracy! I use a Nikon D40. I'm not too technical and use the auto setting a lot! But, when I do real close ups I use the setting for flowers indicated by the little flower icon on the settings dial. See, I'm totally not technical!