Friday, July 23, 2010

Even more projects!!

This little book, "Our Family's Favorite Fortunes" was inspired by Lisa Spangler from Hero Arts. You can find the instructions for Japanese Book Binding at Just go there and type in Lisa Spangler in the search and you'll find how-to videos that she has done. Look for the one called "Lucky Fortunes and Japanese Book Binding" and you'll know how to do what I did. The fortune cookies were also inspired by Lisa. Just punch a big-ish circle, fold in half so that the back side of the "cookie" will be taller than the front side. Ink the edges with some color of brown so that the cookie looks baked. Crinkle fold the middle of the cookie to give it that fortune cookie look, ink the middle ridges of the cookie, glue on the book. If you right click on any of these pictures, you'll get an up-close image so you can inspect the cookies!
For my book, I used scraps of paper that I had left over from a project that I did long ago. Fortunately for me, I saved the scraps because I just loved the papers. I have no idea who the papers are from.
I used only one stamp, and even that I just used part of. The stamp was an invitation stamp. I just inked the bits I wanted, "place:" and "date:".
The measurements of the book are: 5inches X 4inches. I used the "ticket punch" from Su for the right handed corners of the pages, the corner rounder on the left handed sides.
I went ahead and made all the pages of the book so that I can put the fortunes in the book as we get them. I wonder how long it will take to fill up the book!? If you are wondering, I made the strips where I'll put the fortunes to measure at 1inch by 2.5inches.

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