Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Visit to Texas

I just returned from a visit to Texas. I went to San Antonio to meet up with some friends from Kansas City. We met at the Headquarters of Bible Study Fellowship International. We spent a week volunteering at HQ. Some of us worked in the kitchen preparing food for the following week, some of us worked in the press with colating and then shipping. We prepared materials for the classes. We shipped boxes of class materials and lessons for the BSF study of Isaiah which will begin this fall. I prepared boxes to be shipped to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, California, and even Winchester, Virginia. The box that was going to Winchester was going to a friend I knew from the day class when I was in the class in 2002. I wrote a note of personal greeting on the packing slip for the Winchester class. Wonder if they'll remember me?

It was great fun to catch up with my friends from the Kansas City evening women's class. We had so much fun! We were always the loudest laughers at lunch time. When we were working in the press we enjoyed learning more about each other as we colated papers. We laughed a lot at that job too!

You know how they say, "Everything's bigger in Texas"?! Well, I know this to be true since I grew up there. But, I forgot how much hotter it is in Texas. Oh, and the sound of cicadas has nothin' on the sound of the Katydids that we heard. I mean, they made noise all day long and all night long too! This brown guy was outside of our kitchen area by the Obadiah complex. Some of the hoppers were pink! I only found squashed pink ones, so I didn't take pictures of those. These katydids were pretty big too, fit right in with the "bigger in Texas" theme. I usually enjoy bugs of all sorts, love to look at them, study them, find out what they are, etc. But, I'm drawing the line on these katydids...they are pretty yucky! Some of their wings looked like brains, the veins on the wings were so red they stood out agains the brown of their bodies.

I love purple thistles. This one was right outside our rooms. I did have to brave the "goathead" burrs to take the picture. The very next day, the volunteers who did landscaping had cut down all my wildflowers. Ok, not all of them...but the ones that were the easiest to get to were gone.

I'm hoping to post some more of my Texas pictures tomorrow. We start VBS though, so I don't know how much free time I'll have. Stay tuned.....

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