Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Alamo

The Alamo! I was so excited on my trip to San Antonio to get to go to the Alamo. I have been there before. As a public school student in Texas, in seventh grade, I studied Texas history. I vividly recall our family vacation to San Antonio when I was a seventh grader. It was wonderful. I hadn't been back to San Antonio in many, many years. So, when I knew that I was going to be in San Antonio and that my girlfriends would most likely want to walk the famous river walk...I secretly hoped that we'd be able to go to the Alamo as well. I didn't want to ask the girls if they wanted to do that because I thought it might be a little bit nerdy!! Getting to go again to the Alamo was a thrill!!
That explains my pictures for today. I always try to post a few pictures when I blog. I know that pictures are usually more interesting than my words!
The real reason that I come to the blog today is because I'm plagued by this question: What do you do when your friends in Christ do not agree with your position on a Biblical issue? I just want to let that question hang out in the open for a bit. I'm pondering, praying, studying and seeking God's heart on the issue all while I wait with my mouth shut.
What do you do??

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Hi Kooky said...

Hmm. Great ending question. I have lots of friends who hold beliefs that are different from mine. Even family members (Christian) hold different beliefs. Frankly, I usually avoid discussing those issues. If someone asks me specifically what I believe, I'll tell them. If I genuinely want to understand why they hold their particular viewpoint, I'll ask. Otherwise, I steer clear. Now you've got my curiosity piqued!