Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Colors

Fall is here in NorCal. It is not like Fall in the Midwest, nor like fall in San Diego! :) There are actually some decidious trees here that do turn color and loose their leaves. They are even quite pretty! I found a few things at my house that have great fall color. The top picture is of some berries on a tree in the yard. I have no idea what they are, they look like bittersweet, but I'm pretty sure that's not it. The second picture is of yummy mini heirloom tomatoes which taste as good as they look. The third picture I call "fuzzy lavender" because it looks similar to lavender but is fuzzy like woolly lambs ear. It's pretty strange and a favorite of hummingbirds! Last photo is a purple flower from a plant called Potato Bush. I still haven't harvested any potatoes from the bush, so I don't think it produces fruit. Tomorrow I will show you a picture of my very tiny pumpkin growing in the yard.
Happy Fall!

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