Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

Today is not the official Random Act of Kindness day, or anything like that. But, I have a funny story to tell you, and I thought the moral of the story would be a good way to remind you to practice Random Acts of Kindness.

A couple weeks ago now, my DS and I went on a little trip. In the airport in Baltimore, Maryland, I was compelled to act.

You see, there was a fellow female traveler walking briskly through the terminal hallways, just a little bit ahead of DS and I. We had arrived at the airport farily early for our departure, so we were not in need of brisk walking ourselves. As DS and I strolled along, I noticed this woman. I think I blanched a little bit at what I saw. I said, "OH dear! Someone needs to tell this woman! I've got to tell her!" I looked at DS and asked if he noticed what I did. He did. ::gasp::

I said, "I've got to catch up to her!" I sent DS to our gate and trotted to catch up.

No, she did not have her skirt tucked into her undies, no one wears skirts to travel much anymore. No, she did not have toilet paper stuck to her shoe. No, she was not half undressed, or anything undressed in anyway. But, the problem was all behind her and she was blissfully unaware. You see, she had 1/2 a potty seat cover stuck in her pants.

Now, because she didn't know what was going on. She had no need to be worried about what was following her. I am certain that SKADS of people saw what was traveling with her, but NO ONE stopped her. I was trying really hard to catch up with this lady with out running so I have no clue if people were laughing or not. I have no doubt that there were more than a few fingers pointing and snickering.

I did catch her, thankfully, right in the vicinity of a ladies' room. I got right next to her and put my arm around her shoulder. Surprisingly, she did not box me in the nose! I did not make eye contact with her but spoke right to her ear as she tried to slow down and stop.

"Don't stop," I said calmly. "You have a problem, that's not really that bad. But, you might want to stop in the ladies' room and take care of it."

She began flayling about her person for a bit, but I said to her, "Don't look, just go right her in the bathroom and take care of it."

I have no idea what happened next, because she did just that, slid into the bathroom.

As I walked back to DS, who immediately asked for a report, I sighed a big sigh of relief. Can you imagine if she had gotten on the plane with that! She might have been trapped on a flight full of people whose faces would have been burned into her memory of embarassment. Or maybe not.

But the point is that someone stopped her and helped her out. I can't tell you how many times I've had something on my face and I've wondered how many people saw me like that! It only takes a few minutes to help others. Don't let anyone with a potty seat cover hanging out of their pants ever pass you by! Do not stop to wonder how that happened (it will be amusing and the person will get past you before you realize it!)! Just go, and help the poor person....after all someday it WILL be you who needs help!