Friday, May 22, 2009

Ode to Basil

Oh, Sweet Basil!

Such high hopes

I fear it was all dazzle

for now we are dopes

because our basil

is about to fazzle...or fizzle!

**We were excited to plant a few little gardeny things about a week after we moved in. Here you see the picture of our little basil plant. But, I fear it may not make it through the summer. Last week our temps rose to 104 and little basil about cooked in the ground. I'm hoping that I'll bring him back around.

DH and I are becoming true tree huggers! We learned a trick for watering the garden in an eco-friendly, drought condition way. This trick was suggested in the newspaper. When you are going to take a shower, as you wait for the water temp to become just what you like, put a bucket in the shower, under the flowing water. Leave the bucket there until the desired temp is reached, move the bucket out of the shower, and take your shower. Then, use that water to give your plants a drink. How funny is that??!! Well, we did it this morning and hand plenty of water from our two showers to water little basil and his friends. DH couldn't believe that he would be so green!! :)

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