Friday, April 24, 2009

We are here!

Oh my, oh my...I NEVER want to see another moving box to empty! I especially never want to see packing paper again. See what I mean?
We do have all but about 5 boxes unpacked. My guess is that 2 of them will be unpacked, the others will remain sealed and sterile until the next move. Well, it could happen!
We went to the library two days ago. I can't believe how my kids kept insisting that we go and do that so soon. Who in the world has been in their new house for FOUR days and then goes to get a library card that quick?? My kids are so funny!
I've got to get off to school this morning, but wanted to let you know that we are home safe now. I'm hoping to post more pics later. I'm even working on card ideas to share with you here. Have a wonderful FRIDAY!!

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