Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I witnessed the destruction of a building in my neighborhood.
This building is as old as the house I live in. The house I live in was almost doomed to the same fate. Thankfully for me, someone thought my house was worth saving. So, a very long process of extreme makeover began. The walls were stripped to the studs, all the old lathe and plaster was removed, the walls were reworked and some repositioned, the wiring was updated as was the plumbing. The result is wonderful. We've lived in our house for two years now. This poor house in our 'hood did not see the same fate. The people who owned the house tried very hard to renovate it. But, they didn't have bottomless pockets and more problems were found than were worth fixing. Finally they received approval to tear down the house. Neighbors have not-so-affectionately named the house "The Shrek House" because it was so very ugly. It was a brick building that had been stuccoed over with grey stucco. One neighbor lady called it the old grey barn. It was pretty exciting to see the destruction of the building. Soon a new house will be built and a new family will join our neighborhood. In my slideshow at the right, you can see more pictures of the destruction. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Valerie said...

I am sad it's gone. That door and the glass was so very pretty. But he has some nice plans, and it will be interesting to have a new house in our neighborhood. I wonder how that will work!