Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi! We're here!

Between my last post and this, we have left the Bay Area for the wide open Prairie of South Dakota. We've been here a week now.  All the boxes are unpacked, the school room is all set and already functioning for Summer School. We've been to the grocery store twice, but haven't successfully gotten our drivers' licenses yet. I have been to the DMV three times, but the wait is over 2 hours! So, I'm waiting at home instead.  I've been calling this new state, "Slow Dakota" because it is just so much slower here than it was in Northern California.  I'm sure you're not surprised by that!

On our trek, by car--not wagon!, to our new home, I took a few pictures.  I didn't take any pictures until we hit Wyoming though.  I was just too sad to take any as we left Cali and still sad as we drove through Utah.

Here are the pictures I took...starting with one last one at the Presidio with the kids by our new State flag.

 The Plains of Yellowstone with thermals
 Why it's called, "Yellowstone"
 At Old Faithful
Picture by DJ of "Old Faithful and the Geeser"
I think this is Lake Yellowstone. Doesn't it look cold!!  This is on June 2nd!
More pictures tomorrow! If you click on the photo you can view them kinda like a slideshow, much bigger and better quality that way!

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