Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Little Word Updates

My journey with One Little Word 2012 has only been going on for just about four months. "Share" is a difficult word to live with! 

February I was supposed to find instances of my word in signage around me, or in pictures that I might take of something that my word might symbolize.  I sort of struck-out on that front.  I tried to find cool individual letters from the word and take pictures of those.  But, I only ended up with an "a" and an "e"....

March was supposed to be a month where I picked a day to "do" my word.  I was struggling with that because when I looked at my schedule for the month I realized that I had a lot of sharing going on already.  I shared walks with friends, taught someone how to use a loom to knit, shared dinner with my Deacon friends at church, had tea with my three support group friends, shared necklace making with another friend, shared the Lord's Supper with others, shared cookies with Joni Erickson Tada, shared a parenting seminar with friends, and shared tea with more friends.  I almost felt "share"-d out!

But, on the 16th of March David flew home from Boston and surprised me by whisking me away to Napa for the night and all of Saturday before he flew back to Boston on Sunday night.  He had arranged for the children to have a sleepover with friends and took care of my Saturday morning responsibilities.  So, I was the recipient of my word!  We shared a lovely getaway in Napa and Yountville.  We window shopped, tried on furs, tasted wine and had lunch at Bottega--Michael Chiarello's restaurant. It was lovely!

So, now in April the assignment is to write a "Note to Self" letter.  This letter is to be written to my by me as if I were someone else writing the note.  I'm to answer the questions, "What do I hope for myself? If life went just as I'd like it to, what would my life look like next year? Generally, am I where I want to be at the moment of writing this letter?"  I have a feeling it will take me a bit to write this letter.

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